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What's there to know?

I graduated from the University of Minnesota law school in 2014 earning the magna cum laude distinction. (That's a good thing). I opened Little Law, LLC in 2015 so I could give clients individual attention for whatever their situation entailed. I've helped a lot of people in the last eight years because I focus on your best solutions and legal options, and don't waste time or money on things that won't help. ​Other than that, I'm into serving the public. I've been fortunate to serve as a Lakeville City Councilor, Lakeville's Mayor, and a State Senator for Southern Dakota County. I believe in fighting for the underdog and telling any soulless corporations and Super PACs to shove it. After a decade of public service, I ran for Dakota County Attorney in 2022 to bring our criminal justice system into the modern era. Putting people in jail without addressing underlying systemic issues leads us back to the same ineffective results. I hope we eventually learn that.​I'm in the upper echelon of what it means to be a dad. I love my daughter with every piece of my heart. We play Pokemon and horsey. We love to sneak candy, go hiking, eat at restaurants, and annoy Mama. My wife is the greatest person on this planet and I'm eternally grateful she took pity on me.​For my part I love running, working out, being a Luddite, backpacking, snowboarding, basketball, and playing cards.​

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